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Welding and Fabrication Services in Clyde, OH

Rush Repairs & Recovery Provides Expert Welding & Fabrication

At Rush Repairs & Recovery, we offer welding and fabrication services for repairs of light-, medium-, and heavy-duty truck and trailers in Clyde, OH. When the truck bed/body of your vehicle needs repaired, straightened or re-enforced we have the tools necessary to complete the job. Frame damage can happen with age.

When our experts evaluate your damage, we will diagnose the problem and come up with a solution right away. So, give Rush Repairs & Recovery a call at (419) 547-3493 at any time of the day.

We Use Traditional Welding Applications

Rush Repair & Recovery’s welding and fabrication professionals can repair or modify your truck or trailer. We use traditional welding applications like ARC, MIG, TIG, brazing, and soldering. Our experienced employees are adept in working with steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. You can trust that we have the equipment and tools to get the job done correctly and on time.

Body Types We Use Welding and Fabrication Services On

Heavy-Duty Truck and Trailer Repair
Light- & Medium-Duty Trucks


Fabrication Methods Restore Your Vehicle or Trailer’s Appearance

We can create new parts for your truck, car, or trailer with our metal fabrication services. Rush Repairs & Recovery is also able to repair vehicles that have rusted from age. Fabrication begins with cutting and shaping to meet the requirements of the vehicle. We use cutting, rolling, and bending to get the part we need. Our process includes making sure the part is safe enough for the truck, trailer, or car.