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Truck and Trailer Repair in Clyde, OH

Rush Repairs & Recovery Provides Heavy-Duty Truck Repair

Rush Repairs & Recovery provides dependable heavy-duty truck and trailer repair from our location in Clyde, OH. Not only do we repair light-duty pickup trucks, we also work on medium- and heavy-duty tractor trailers. Heavy-duty truck and trailer repair can be tricky and confusing if you are not a mechanic, so it is best to leave the problems up to our professionals. We can discover the problem with our heavy-duty truck and trailer repair experience and modern diagnostic tools and equipment. Give us a call at (419) 547-3493, or you can stop by the shop at 1137 East McPherson Highway in Clyde.

Rush Repairs & Recovery’s Services Include

Air Conditioning Services
Automobile Repair
Brake Repairs
Computer Diagnostics
Heavy-Duty Truck and Trailer Repair

Hydraulic Hoses
Light and Medium-Duty Towing
Night Services
Oil Changes
Secure Lot Impound

State Inspections
Tire Repair
Tire Sales
Transmission Repairs
Welding & Fabrication

We Get You Back on the Road as Soon as Possible

When your tractor trailer is not on the road, your company loses money. Do not let that happen. Rush Repairs & Recovery is true to our name. We can get your truck back on the road and in service as quickly as possible with our heavy-duty truck and trailer repair. Our professional technicians can repair your tractor trailer at our garage. The repair could range anywhere from simple to complicated, but we can repair your diesel engine, transmission, fuel pump, brakes, or a wide array of other issues.

The Best Diesel Repair in the Area

Diesel engines need servicing just like gasoline engines. They can also be just as troublesome. At Rush Repairs & Recovery, we can repair diesel engines as part of our truck and trailer repair services. We can repair the issues that affect your diesel engines, including cooling systems, leaking gaskets, oil oxidation, contaminated fuel, and starting problems. We want to get your truck and trailer back on the road quickly.